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Key Features Credits Changelog === v1.7 - 23 September 16 === + Improved Quick Flickr widget support + Updated Bootstrap Framework + Updated various Javascript plugins + Minor fixes and code improvements Changed files (functions.php, options.php, style.css, css/bootstrap.css, css/main.css, css/responsive.css, js/init.js, js/lib.js, inc/widgets-sidebar.php, inc/stylevar.php, inc/admin) === v1.6 - May 19, 2016 === + Updated Bootstrap Framework to 3.3.6 + Updated various javascript libraries + New screenshot.png file + Added .pot file + Support for "the_archive_title" function + Replaced wp_title function with title-tag support + Disabled Masonry layout on mobile devices + Changed theme directory name ('Alison' to 'alison') + Fixes and improvements (Changed files: archive.php, content-single.php, functions.php, header.php, options.php, screenshot.png, style.css, inc/metabox.php, inc/widgets-home.php, inc/widgets-sidebar.php, css/booststrap.css, css/lib.css, css/main.css, css/responsive.css, js/init.js, js/lib.js) === v1.5 - August 16, 2015 === + Tested with WordPress 4.3 RC + Updated Theme Options Panel + New shortcodes menu + Replaced WP Ajax Query Shortcode with Infinite Scroll + Improved slide menu on mobile devices + Improved data validation (sanitizing/escaping) + Improved Post Formats support + Updated Facebook Comments code + Added javascript plugins into a single file + Multiple fixes and code improvements === v1.4 - December 19, 2014 === (Added compatibility with WordPress 4.1) + Fixed an issue with the Latest News section on WordPress 4.1 (inc/widgets-home.php) + Improved Gravatar support (content-single.php, css/main.css) === v1.3 - April 30, 2014 === + New Shortcodes menu with support for WordPress 3.9. (inc/shortcodes) + Fixed an issue with the Popular Posts widget (inc/widgets-sidebar.php) + Removed unused Google Web Fonts (css/lib.css) + Minor fixes and improvements (css/main.css, js/init.js) + Minor changes in theme documentation === v1.2 - April 14, 2014 === + Improved 'Audio' post-format. (css/main.css, functions.php, inc/widgets-home.php) + Fixed an issue with ajax posts. (js/init.js - inc/wp-ajax-query-shortcode.php) + Fixed an issue with Facebook comments. (js/init.js) === v1.1 - April 9, 2014 === + Initial Release Nadia WordPress Theme
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