Free Responsive Response Magento Theme & Template

Response-magento-theme & Template

V1.3 24-07-2012 IE9 issues and few new features - Added optional language switcher - Added support for logout button when logged in - Improved my account - Fixed alignment issue add to newsletter on sign up - Fixed header alignment in IE9 - Fixed footer subscribe button bug in IE9 - Fixed top search button bug in IE9 - Fixed several IE issues - Fixed issue of configurable or custom options showing incorrectly

V1.2 10-07-2012 IE7 & IE8 fixes – Fixed bug in Skeleton.css Typo on line 121 – Fixed a bug in the logo div – Fixed image bug on IE7 and 8 – Fixed subscribe bug on IE7 and 8 – Fixed navigation bug on IE7 and 8 – Fixed topsearch on IE7 and 8 – Fixed Reviews on IE7 and 8 – Fixed button behavior on IE7 and 8 – Fixed top cart on IE7 and 8 – Fixed known IE Z-index bug – Fixed several small bugs – Removed custom.js since it is not used anymore

V1.1 01-07-2012 New requested features – Fixed active, hover glitch on topsearch and subscribe – Fixed several small issues – Description full width when there are no upsell products – Added support for 3, 4 and 6 products per row. – Added support for horizontal cross-sell – Added support for 1280px+ wide screens – Added Theme configuration panel in back-end for configuring above added features – Added support for configurable products – Added support for custom options – Added support for reviews

V1.0 27-06-2012 Stable Release – Fixed logo error in Internet explorer – Fixed product sort-by Internet explorer – Fixed shifted alignment email to friend in Internet explorer – Fixed Social media icons in Internet Explorer – Fixed add to cart alignment – Fixed submenu issue in views smaller than 767px – Fixed nav.user toplinks in Firefox – Fixed cart shift in Firefox – Aligned social media buttons to wishlist buttons – Improved mobile view cart – Made mobile cart and checkout cleaner and more useable on smartphones – Added Boilerplate (Blank) theme

V0.4 25-06-2012 Second submissions revision – Improved Cart layout – Improved product page layout – Added wish list, compare and email icons – Added Addthis to the product page – Added “additional information” content area

V0.3 23-06-2012 fixed a few bugs – Fixed list layout – Fixed banner system V0.2 23-06-2012 Added more information – Modified README – Added documentation – Fixed bug on nested menu V0.1 22-06-2012 Initial release – Released the theme for the first time

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