Free Responsive Top Producer Real Estate And Top Speed Car Dealer Wordpress Theme & Template

Top-producer-real-estate-and-top-speed-car-dealer-wordpress-theme & Template

Top Producer/Top Speed is the long awaited follow-up on the successful OpenDoor theme. We have retained all of the best OpenDoor features, added more. It combines both real estate and car sales into a single theme, where you can switch between the two in Theme Options.

You asked for it, and now you have it! Option to assign listings to a “building/apartment”. These listings can have the same building address. In the building detail page you can have info about the building, and under it will show all listings in the building. In the detail page for the listing, there will be a link with image for the building that it’s a part of.

View one of the apartment listings to see this in action. There are 4 apartment listings in the demo, all linked to a single apartment. The rest of the listings are stand alone non-apartment listings.

On the search results map, as apartments in a building will show as one marker (since it’s in the same general location), when you click the marker, multiple markers will “spider out” from it so you can click on individual markers.

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