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Wp-estate-real-estate-wordpress-theme & Template

WP Estate has been originally designed for Real Estate independent agents and agencies, but following the several feature updates added since theme launch, you can also use it to build your own real estate portal and allow users to submit properties for free or for a fee (via Paid Submission or Paid Membership, via Stripe and/or PayPal).

Starting WP Estate 3.0, you can use the theme to list properties and rent or book accommodations, all these managed from front end. Check our demo for the details. Please consider that the booking version and non booking version cannot be used at the same time. When booking is enabled, all properties will have the booking form and the private message system available to registered users.

1. Enable front end submission and ask users who wish to list properties to purchase a paid Membership Package with recurring option. You can create unlimited packages, each with an expiration date in x days, weeks, months or years. You select the number of listings and featured listings in each package.

2. Alternatively, you can enable Paid Submission and charge for each submission. You can even ask an extra fee for the submitted listing to be transformed into FEATURED property (to always show on top in lists).

As administrator, in WP Estate you can add your own custom property fields, and you can setcustom Advanced Search spots with your own fields. Up to 8 spots are available, and you can use less if you wish. Plus, you have 5 Advanced Search design layouts to choose from.

WP Estate features 27+ shortcodes, 7 custom widgets, 4 different design layout for Advanced Search on Google Maps search, full and small width slider on properties, Agents and Properties custom templates, colors controls, and many other easy settings to help you design the theme as you desire.

If you wish to watch our video tutorials, find easily our help information, access forum or get in contact with us for support on our ticket system, you can easily find us at

WP ESTATE Theme Features: WP Estate Features List Clients testimonials I just wanted to say Thank you to Anna and her team. This theme is amazing. I would certainly suggest it for your Real Estate and Rental site needs. The help section of this theme is detailed and should get you up and running in no time. The theme has been updated with some nice improvements that came about because of user requests, and of course Anna is awesome to communicate with! Give this theme a try! This theme is by far the best Real Estate theme I have seen. Great job on the theme! Seriously!. I would like to thank you for the access. I just downloaded and installed your theme, really good work, really nice organized and clear. Thx a lot. Best regards, Paul “Thank you for this amazing theme you have developed its one of the best real estate themes we have seen. Well done again on this fantastic theme!” “I have bought this theme and it’s great, I recommend it 100%. Their support is amazing too. Go for it!” “What can I say about this theme? Is it smooth? Yes! Is it responsive? Yes! Is it easy to modify? Yes! Is it SEO friendly? Yes! Do you get great support? Yes! With this theme you don’t have to be a whiz kid to have a perfect website. But there is more than this. I have been looking for a while for a great Real Estate theme that offered what we needed. WP Estate has everything we could wish for, excellent design, great features and above all a unique concept with the integrated Google Maps feature. This allows us to start our new concept with ease. I Would like to take this moment to thanks Anna for the great help and support.” “Again, this is one of the best theme available on the market.” “I just purchased this and Anna has been a wonderful help. I have very beginner-intermediate level skills for wordpress, but Anna has helped me to build my website and is always willing to help. I highly recommend this wordpress theme if you are in the real estate business. Thanks Anna! “Hi Anna!!! I want to say what a great job you have done on this theme. I love the functionality and extensive page layouts. The features are awesome and the support is the fastest I have seen from most developers I deal with. Once again thank you for a being the best at what you do, you are truly in a league of your own.” “I recently purchased this theme for a new realtor client. I was and am impressed with the features and attention to detail that this theme provides. I am most impressed with the support I have received for Anna.” Theme Updates

ADD: Text in My Profile about requirement to login again after changing password FIX: City Fee title FIX: Show mobile advanced search when search over header media is selected FIX: CSS update for password - remove uppercase FIX: Mobile menu for Android UPDATE: YouTube and Slider shortcodes are updated with unique functions names. These must be re-done. UPDATE: Disable "view" for Membership and Invoices custom post UPDATE: wpestate.po and UPDATE:code optimization UPDATE: Rev Slider UPDATE to 5.2.4 UPDATE: widget_logic function according to WP 4.3 newest functions requirements ADD: Booking module on, added in paypal redirect description Booking ID + Invoice ID. FIX: Edit Booking in admin saves correct property title UPDATE: Facebook Login update - if Facebook API doesn't send use's details (happens sometimes), theme assigns a default email ( so account ca be created. Email can be changed. UPDATE: wpml-config.xml UPDATE: Property page to be used in Recent Items shortcode for VC (for who uses this plugin separately from the theme) UPDATE: Rev Slider UPDATE to 5.0 - new rev slider help

This update follows the instructions from Envato to prevent Security Vulnerability for WordPress themes -

- class-tgm-plugin-activation.php (path to this file wpestate/libs/plugins/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php) - general-settings.php (path to this file wpestate/libs/general-settings.php) - dasboard-prop-listing.php (path to this file - wpestate/libs/templates/dasboard-prop-listing.php ) - get_avatar_url() replaced with wpestate_get_avatar_url() in bloglisting.php line 18 bloglisting_search.php line 15 functions.php line 606 shortcodes.php line 671 and 738 single.php line 59 - Sidebar plugin update included in the theme to be compatible with 4.2 requirements. Change made is below: multiple_sidebar_plugins.php added 'id'=>sanitize_title($sidebar), at line 60 IMPORTANT NOTE:This is a third party plugin, but we had to make it compatible with WordPress 4.2 standards. Because of that - all custom sidebars added before this update in SIDEBARS - ADD NEW - will need to be populated with WIDGETS again from Appearance - Widgets. Then all pages with custom sidebars will have to be saved again. - Rev Slider update to 4.6.9 NOTE: export your revolutions sliders before you update. For some clients - the update deleted their SLIDERS. - map-search-form.php NEW: Booking Rental Module (once activated in theme options, the following new features will be available): ---Availability calendar on all properties ---Advanced Search custom for booking module (auto-complete for City and Area, dropdown for number of guests, check-in and check-out fields) ---Set price by day, week or month. All invoices will calculate the costs based on the value of 1 booking day. ---Number of guests for all properties ---City Fee and Cleaning fee for all properties ---Booking form on all properties (date from, date to - but only for aavailable dates, number of guests, comments, and invoice listing of total costs) ---Booking form and Message system are available only for registered users ---Message contact system for registered users with INBOX system in user dashboard ---Bookings, My Reservations, My Inbox (new pages in User Dashboard) ---Restrict access to Property Owner info unless booking is confirmed ---Booking confirmation requires owner approval and (if admin asks for a fee), the fee payment. ---Booking fee payment to ADMIN can be done via STRIPE or PayPal ---Owner can edit the invoice before he sends it to user who has asked for a booking ---Owner can delete, edit an invoice before invoice is paid (but not after) ---Owner can reject a booking (but only before booking fee payment fee is processed). ---Owner can view all approved bookings via his user dashboard page ---Owner can add manual booking in order to block certain dates from property calendar ---Owner receives email notification when: property is published, booking is received, booking is deleted by user, invoice is paid by user, a new message is received via INBOX ---Owner can confirm a booking without payment fee, if admin sets admin fee to 0. ---User can see the invoice generated (with details) in RESERVATIONS page ---User can send messages from property page to owner at any time. Replies are received in INBOX page ---User can delete a booking after it was sent to owner, but only before booking is confirmed. ---User CAN'T make bookings for dates already booked. ---User can pay booking fee with Credit Card (via Stripe) or with PayPal. ---User receives email notification when: his booking is confirm, his booking is rejected, a new invoice was generated, a booking was confirmed, a new message was received in INBOX page. NEW: STRIPE merchant for Paid Listings and for Membership Packages NEW: On/off control for Stripe and Paypal merchants in Theme Options NEW: Assign property to user from admin - edit property EDIT: Advanced search results shows all results in title. Plugin update: Rev Slider 4.06 update FIX: Advanced search type 4 must be clicked twice to close FIX: Advanced Search custom labels for non latin characters FIX: IE click on thumb redirecting to page not found FIX: Meters translation resets measurement system to ft in shortcodes and property page. FIX: User profile image doesn't show in user dashboard after page refresh.

NEW: 4 Header Styles (different positions for logo, menu and social icons) NEW: Margin Top control for header logon NEW: Font Subsets control (for cyrilic and other subsets available) NEW: Added icons for bedrooms, bathrooms, size in property uni (properties list and properties shortcode) NEW: Left Widget Area in User Menu NEW: Pagination for Advanced Search results, My Properties (dashboard), My Listings (Agent Post) NEW: Font Awesome shortcode NEW: WPML functions for custom fields NEW: Tags for properties (can be used in tag cloud) NEW: Pin effect on google maps EDIT: Google Login requires you create an APP (new changes from Google - New Help EDIT: Removed Google Maps shortcode (latest Google Maps API works only if you use the embed code from Google Maps directly) EDIT: Update Rev Slider to latest version EDIT: Social Icons updated to larger size EDIT: Slider max height changed to 590px (for large resolutions) EDIT: CSS for images in full slider (ideal size 1600 * 590) EDIT: added Address label for Address in property page EDIT: removed Listing ID because assigned by WordPress because it could not be used in Custom Search. EDIT: removed from email sent header EDIT: added link on thumb for properties list in responsive EDIT: Google Maps in Admin Property panel to show only the last pin clicked on the map EDIT: ON/OFF for Agent Post title in admin EDIT: POEDIT updates for missing terms FIX: added after label for Recent Listings shortcode FIX: allowed non latin characters in advanced search custom fields labels FIX: advanced search type 1 not show categories and actions with no properties FIX: breadcrumbs text for search page FIX: HTML validation errors FIX: floating bar start point FIX: small slider option not saving when submitting property FIX: Rev Slider on contact page FIX: missing shortcode images in editor FIX: CSS updates FIX: removed sticky header on resolutions below 1024 (loading too abruptly) FIX: Select featured image in EDIT not working - front end submission NEW: Sticky Header. NEW: User Submission Form - user can uploaded multiple images at one time. NEW: User Submission Form - user can select which of the images is featured. EDIT: User Submission Form -Google Maps (added more map options and replaced the pin to map behavior) NEW: Mobile Menu changed EDIT: Registration - don't allow username withblank spaces EDIT: Generate smaller thumbs for recents items shortocode (improve website loading time of slower internet connections) EDIT: Page not found (remove map in header) EDIT: new POEDIT terms. EDIT: Property Header Slider images alignment for big screen resolutions FIX: Sanitize Title for slugs in latin characters with diacritics FIX: Membership - packages with 0 listings made properties featured automatically FIX: Property Title when going with the mouse over the pin on the Google Maps. UPDATE: Revolution slider version to latest version released by Theme Punch (4.2.2) NEW: Membership & Packages option: Turns registered users into agents automatically (with on/off control) NEW: Recent Listings shortcodes includes Action, City and Area (you can now create unlimited combinations of listings) NEW: Pretty Photo gallery on Property Page (for Small and Full width slider) UPDATED: Full search support for non-latin characters (tested with hebrew, greek, chinese, cyrilic). UPDATED: Tweet This for blog posts UPDATED: POEDIT terms UPDATED: made phone number and email clickable for agent page list andagent shortcode UPDATED: all input forms FIX: Live PayPal API update for recurring payments FIX: Recent Items listings showing incorrect city FIX: Pagination for Properties List template, when chosen as homepage.

- Contact Form 7 support - Count number next to title on Advanced Search - Revolution Slider version modified to v 4.03 - Fixed wp-admin responsive on property page - Small fix on min price when Advanced Search is default

NEW: Option "None" in Custom Advanced Search fields (if you want to add less than 8 spots) NEW: Allow users to save favorites and not submit properties EDIT: Revolution Slider updated to latest version EDIT: Front End Submission, calendar property field shows calendar EDIT: Optimized default images to have smaller size EDIT: If custom fields are not filled in, they don't show on property page EDIT: Remove WordPress from emails headers that are sent after registering on the website FIX: Property page in WP-ADMIN, some boxes were not aligned with WordPress 3.8 update FIX:: Properties Approved automatically not showing in lists without being edited in wp-admin FIX: Advanced Search design on internal pages with image in header FIX: Paragraph spaces added in front end submission form - Description panel not being saved

NEW: Confirmed support for the YOAST WordPress SEO plugin EDIT: Contact Page - added fax number EDIT: Updated the order of properties in Recent Items shortcode, Properties List and taxonomy list: Featured are always first, next come properties by publish date (recent first) EDIT: PayPal Currencies - added RUB as currency EDIT: Remove Price Mandatory from submit form FIX: Show default fields in Advanced Search Mobile - when custom fields are set to NO FIX: Small updates to PO file FIX: In property Small Slider featured image shows first FIX: New Property custom fields update in Compare page as well FIX NEW: Theme Options have been unified in one panel, with an improved design. Settings have been added (not removed). NEW: Custom Fields management panel. Most of theme's default property settings are now editable. You can also add new Property Settings. NEW: Advanced Search management panel, with editable fields. There are 8 spots you can edit with any custom fields and default property settings. NEW: Google Maps clusterer. The option can be turned off from Theme Options. You can also select at what Google Maps zoom level you activate the cluster. NEW: Publish submitted listings from user dashboard automatically, with on/off control in Theme Options. Applies for free submission, paid submission and membership package submission. NEW: Small Slider is added as an option on front end submission form. NEW: AJAX filters are added also on taxonomy pages (Property Category, Property Action, Property City and Property Area) EDITED: text enabled on Agents List and Properties list custom page templates. FIXED: IE10 display for properties list FIXED: Filters show properties by selected filter (not mandatory with status Featured) FIXED: .PO translation for User Submission Form and Admin Theme Options

- Deactivate and activate the theme again for listings to pick up the new FEATURED option and new Zoom Controls on taxonomy pages. If you upgrade from v1.93, Theme Options will be saved. If you upgrade from an older version, Theme Options will be overwritten (like landing address and custom colors).

- If you upgrade from an older version and you want to activate NEW Membership packages, package limits will not consider the listings already submitted (paid or free). - The most recommended way is to start a new account for all users, to have an accurate package limit number.

- PayPal IPN account details must be updated for Membership to work (please see our manual above). Recurring is supported only by the OLD API, so you must add IPN – API info in Theme Options. If you want to test with Sandbox, you must add Sandbox API. If you want to test with LIVE API, you must add LIVE API info.

Important: If you are upgrading to V1.6 from v1.5, please notice that all custom Theme Options will be overwritten because we’re adding a complex change to theme functionality. After you upgrade, de-activate and activate the theme again from WP-Admin so that the new Page Property Options page populates with the default content. Thank you for your understanding.

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